Argentina Day 1 – Buenos Aires Apartment

Kerri and I arrived in Buenos Aries (BA) this morning and spent the day getting settled.  We rented an efficiency apartment for 10 days to serve as our home base.  At $530 for 10 days we could afford to just leave our main luggage here while traveling up to Iguazu Falls next week for a few days.


This afternoon (sorry didn’t take pictures) we ate at a touristy cafe in the popular neighborhood of Recoleta.  The food was just ok but my history lesson and friendly service made it worthwhile.  I read the Argentina history chapter from our guide book out loud to Kerri and we had some interesting conversation about the parallels between our countries history and Argentina’s.  Both countries faced similar challenges and shared similar beginnings from what I could tell. 

The primary difference over the past 3-400 years has been the stability of the countries.  The history of this country is scared by power struggles between politicos, the elite, and the populous.  These problems have been as recent as December 2001 when Argentina had as many as 4 leaders in 11 days ending with the largest default in history (of Argentina I believe). 

Despite an economy in shambles and 20% unemployment in 2001, the country has rebounded.  This is a time of rising prosperity and relative stableness for the portenos, or BA residents.  Perhaps the current prosperity relative to a shaky past explains the wonderful smiles and warm welcomes we have received so far?