How to blast your forearms!!!

I hit a new milestone this morning while working out at the Y which I haven’t seen since HS.  A guy, we’ll call him Bill, approached me during my workout to ask how he could build up his forearms.  It was a great compliment to be asked for advice by a complete stranger but after talking to Bill for 10 minutes it became clear to me that I should have been asking him for advice.

Bill is a 64 yr old who has recently been cleaning up his diet, working out, and has already lost almost 20 lbs in under a year.  He said that he was “getting impatient” and wanted to see results faster.  At that point I knew that he really just needed to hear someone reinforce what he is already doing because it’s working.

Bill, just stick to a balanced diet, portion control, and exercise regularly.  There is no secret formula to Blast Your Forearms!!!  But thanks for asking, it made my day.

On second thought, maybe this guy knows something I don’t.