2010 National Title Predictions

Tonight is the biggest sports game of the year according to my personal interests. Not only is this the Nation Title of College Football but my home team UT will be competing and hopefully winning it all tonight.  I hold season tickets.

I thought it would be more fun to officially pen my predictions BEFORE the game for all to see.  For better or worse, here is what I think is going to happen:

1.  Alabama will prove to be over hyped for this game.  The press would have you believe that they are unbeatable similar to the way USC was unbeatable in the 2005 matchup with UT.  Most people have only watched Alabama play in the SEC title vs. Florida where, admittedly, they put on a domination of the defending title holder.

However, my opinion is that Alabama had mentally prepared for that game for exactly 1 year due to their loss to Florida a year ago in the same SEC title matchup.  Therefore, they were psychologically prepared to play their best game that week and will not look as unbeatable tonight.  They will look good but not unbeatable.

2.  Mark Ingram will cave to the Heisman Trophy pressure.  Think about it, just like Reggie Bush didn’t play his best game in ‘05, Ingram has probably been distracted for the past month with press interviews and the mounting pressure to live up to the Heisman Trophy legacy in this one game.  That’s too much pressure.  He will play well but make at least 1 mistake.

On the other hand, just like Vince Young in ‘05, Colt McCoy has more to play for tonight.  He didn’t win the Heisman, again, and he hasn’t had the distraction that comes with extra media attention.  He has more to prove tonight in his final college game and therefore the psychological advantage.

3. Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy won’t look as good tonight either.  This kid is a true freshman and no doubt on his way to being a great college quarterback.  However, I’ve watched him play in several games and he played “out of his mind” good against Florida compared to other lack-luster showings.  Don’t expect him to look that good tonight.

Again, I put my money on the outgoing Senior quarterback, Colt McCoy.  I mean, his first name is Colt for shits sakes!  Are you going to bet against a guy who was named after the Colt 45 revolver?  Or a horse?  Or… a malt liquor?  I’ll take Dee, None of the Above, thanks.

4.  UT will win in a close, low scoring blood match.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think UT is a sure winner.  However, I think they have the mental edge due to being the underdog and they certainly match up talent wise.  If the game is close in the 4th quarter, Colt will engineer yet another final drive to seal his legacy as one of the greatest UT quarterbacks ever. I pick UT by 2.

Finally, In one of my favorite interviews of all time prior to the ‘05 game against USC, Vince Young was asked what he thought about the fact that most people didn’t think they stood a chance to win.  His response?

They haven’t seen our Gangster yet!

Well, Alabama hasn’t seen our Gangster yet either!  Tonight baby!  I’m talking about WINSHIP.