Personal Goals for 2010

It’s that time of year again!  I’ve already posted the 2009 “Year In Review” and I had been trying to sit down with the wife and discuss our goals for the coming year.  I find this reflection then planning routine exciting and it has become something I look forward to doing each new year.  Last night, over dinner, we had a great talk about what each of us want out of 2010.

I’m purposely omitting any plans for accomplishing these goals for sake of brevity.  Don’t worry, I have several individual blog posts swirling around my head for how I plan to attain each goal.  So without any further delay, here are my goals for 2010:

1.  Lose weight 

It’s an annual favorite of mine but this time I will not be denied!  I can’t wait to write about my plan to finally achieve this one.  More specifically, I will hit that 180 mark and hold it there.  180 +- 5 lbs will be my new baseline weight this year.  My plan will detail exactly when I think I can achieve this weight and how.

2.  Be a Triathlete 

IMO, I would qualify as “being a triathlete” as long as I have an actual Triathlon race event scheduled, of any distance, that I’m actively working towards racing in.  In order to satisfy this goal I will also need to finish in one or more Sprint distance tri’s this year.

This goal is all about nurturing a competitive spirit even if I’m only competing with myself.  Having actual race results is a brutally honest reflection of conditioning and health that can’t be cheated or bought like material possessions.  There is something very real and truthful about that which attracts me to it.

3.  Get out/outside more with Family and Friends

Building and nurturing relationships was also a goal in 2009 and I enjoyed it so much that I want to up the ante this year.  For example, this lake trip with the guys was very rewarding and I’m sure none of them would object to helping me with this again in 2010.  😉

The goal is to do more events, smaller as well as larger ones, and to vary the activities as much as possible.  I’m thinking local day trips on weekends, dinner parties, etc with my various social networks.

4.  Help Kerri achieve her goals

While talking about 2010 last night over dinner she expressed that she would like to find time to get back in the gym, run, and to be a better photographer.  These are all things that I can and will have to help her with.

For her to get back into the gym and run I’ll have to do a little more blocking and tackling at home and with our little girl (no arguments here 😉 ).  I can also help her explore photography by helping to provide a little more structure to what we’ve been doing already.  My career has taught me how to efficiently learn new skills so I think I can help there.

5.  Celebrate Holidays and the Seasons

One of the great things about having a kid is that I get to be a kid again too!  In my 20’s I kind of got lazy about celebrating all but the biggest holidays and living in Texas we don’t always make a point to celebrate each of the 4 seasons.

I definitely want my child to have these experiences so I’ll have a lot more to say about this topic in future posts.  This is an area where creativity helps.

6.  Read and Write

Don’t not be Literate!  😉 Reading and writing are fundamental skills that I think many adults forget about once they graduate from school.  I find that you lose these abilities with time if not exercised properly.  I’ll have to write an entire blog entry about what I think it means to be able read, write, and publish freely.  I philosophically believe that everyone should do this.

You don’t really know what you think you do until you actually sit down and write about it.  I find the extra pressure of writing publicly causes me to think more intensely about what I want to say and I’m looking forward to intensely thinking!  Writing is also a very organizing activity which always results in greater clarity.

I’ve always read a lot but not as much as some.  Kerri gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I want to make a point to read a wider range of writing than I’ve done in the past (ie. fiction)


6 goals isn’t too bad as it should be easy to link many of these together.  For example, Kerri and I can run together outside with a jogging stroller and address 1,2,3, and 4 all at once.  There are also various running events like the Turkey Trot 5K tied to holidays which would add the 5th goal.  Reading will be necessary to research these topics and writing about my successes or failures along the way will serve to keep me engaged all year long.

Last, I didn’t put anything career related on my focus list this year intentionally.  That’s not because I don’t expect to do good things in that area.  It’s just that I already know I’ll spend the majority of each week working and improving my career by default.  So this one is on autopilot unless something big comes up.

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