2010 Weight Loss Progress Report II

This is the second progress report tracking my progress towards achieving the 2010 weight loss goal.  This report covers progress through the end of February.  The first report covers progress through January.

Scale Weight Progress

This morning I weighed in at 194.6.  However, after reviewing the daily logs I think the reading is low due to excessive dehydration.  I’ll estimate that actual scale weight is closer to 196 due to reasons discussed below.

These two charts show February and overall progress for 2010:

Diet Progress (Feb)Diet Progress (Jan - Feb)

As the February chart states, average weight loss comes in at 1.12 lbs / week which is a daily deficit of 558 calories.  Daily caloric deficits are a result of portion control and additional exercise necessary to prepare for triathlon.  I’ve found that a 558 calorie deficit has not been at all hard to maintain thus far.

Circled in red are the two problem areas for me where I took a work trip to Houston and let discipline slide.  The 2 day trip was particularly troubling because I stayed out drinking one night and felt horrible the following day.  This makes 2 months in a row where traveling for work has jeopardized my plans.  This is not acceptable moving forward.

In orange, I’ve circled and drawn arrows to highlight significant drops in scale weight following a long outdoor run on Saturdays.  It was not clear to me before this morning but obviously my hydration strategy during and after my long runs is in serious need of review.  That’s a future blog post.

Body Fat Progress

The hydration concerns highlight one of many reasons to also track body fat while trying to lose weight.  Scale weight can be reduced by water loss, muscle loss, fat loss, or simply chopping off a limb.  Obviously I want to target fat loss while keeping water, muscle, and limb.  😉

Unofficially, last week I was able to go another notch tighter on my belt and that my pants are beginning to fit with a little room left over for lunch expansion.  That makes two notches on my belt since January 1st.

Officially, using fat calipers in four measurement locations and averaging the results, I’ve lost another 2% body fat this month.  That brings me down to an estimated 17% body fat total.  This means that I still have a long way to go but I’m making good steady progress.

2% of my body weight equates to 4 lbs.  So the best thing about this news is that the 4 lbs lost this month was almost entirely fat weight.  That’s perfect!

Analysis, Conclusions, and Looking Ahead to March

Looking at the calendar, I have 6 weeks left to hit my interim goal of 189 lbs by the Capitol 10K on April 11th.  Assuming that I actually weigh 196 lbs today that means I need to drop an additional 7 lbs or 1.16 lbs / week until then. 

The long month of March and having an additional week in April gives me 1 more week than I thought I had prior to writing this all down today.  This is great news because it means that I’m right on track for success and that the plan is working.  It also means that I have little room for error by blowing the diet while traveling.

Looking forward to next month!