Weight Loss Progress Report I – February

Last Sunday I took official body fat measurements to evaluate my actual performance relative to my planned performance.  I’ll be taking these periodic measurements at the end of every month as part of my effort to “work the plan”.  The past two days also marks a short-term milestone of breaking 200lbs for the first time since last spring.  :)

Scale Weight Progress Report

First up, we have scale weight.  In review, the end goal is for scale weight to be reduced to 180 lbs in 2010.  I have a 10K race on April 11th and I wanted to weigh 189 lbs by that date.  Using the Hacker’s Diet online tool I’ve been entering my scale weight each morning and those results are captured in the chart below.


The white dots are my actual weight each morning I recorded it.  The red line is the calculated “trend line” and the yellow dotted line is a straight line to my goal weight ending on April 11th.

As you can see, the chart basically shows that I’m making good progress but that my trend is slightly slower than what’s needed to get me to the goal on time.  Also notice how fine the line is between accomplishing the goal and coming up just short is only about 100 cal/day.  By calculation I need to be closer to a 600 cal/day deficit and I’m sitting at only 500 on average for the month.  That’s the difference between 1 cookie in the afternoon or, as circled in the chart, a 3-day work trip and afternoon drinking with work buddies where my discipline slipped just slightly.

Body Fat Progress Report

Second, I used the fat calipers to estimate current body fat percentage.  The good news is that I’ve lost approximately 3% BF in a little under a month!  This means that somehow I’ve lost about 6 lbs of fat and probably gained some lean muscle mass.  Judging by the mirror, extra strength, and increased energy levels it does feel like progress is occurring.  These estimations are subject to measurement error though.  As long as the trend continues I’ll be happy.

I’ll save the before/after pictures until the end of the whole process.  😉


I’m making good progress on scale weight and body fat so I’m not worried yet.  I have a plan, I trust that plan, and the measurements show that it is working.  My biggest fear moving forward is that I think it will get harder to lose the next 20 lbs than the first 8.  So my goal might be a little aggressive.  I’ll wait until next month to consider altering the plan though.