Race Day Journal: Cap 10K

6:50am – I tossed and turned from about 3am to 5am last night.  It wasn’t the best rest I’ve ever had.  I immediately went to the bathroom to capture my weight and the scale read 190.0 exactly.  My goal was 189 and I would have been happy with 189.8 but losing 18 lbs is nothing to be ashamed of.  So I keep telling myself.

My coffee just finished brewing and I have time for one cup here and then I hit the road.  As I’m waking up I’m getting a little more focused on the race ahead.  I still have almost 2 hrs to go.


7:50am – Sitting in my car downtown.  It’s too early to walk down to the starting line yet.  Listening to music and meditating a little about what’s coming.  I have butterflies in the stomach and shortened breath as the adrenaline is starting to trickle out like a leaky facet despite my efforts to contain the energy.

lol, the car full of girls in front of me are re-applying their makeup.  That is so not where my mind is at right now.  My clothes don’t match, my hair is slick from the shower, and image is the last thing I care about today.

I am debating on whether or not I should let out a loud roar when I cross the starting line.  It’s been said athletes like Scott Jurek run as if possessed.  Jurek, as described in Born To Run, let’s out a primal yell at the start of every race and there is something about that attitude that I like.  I don’t want to alarm any mothers or kids so maybe I’ll save it for when I can run as fast as Jurek.

One thing is for sure, I’ll be yelling on the inside.  I will be a man possessed today.  Alright… where is the starting line?

1:30pm – Just got home after running the race and then socializing at Guero’s downtown.  What a day!  I bet you’re dying to know how I did.  (OK fine, you are only mildly interested).  In short, I had an awesome day.  I completely smashed my old PR by over five minutes by running a 51:00 or 8:13/mi pace.  I couldn’t even match that performance in training when running 3 miles much less 6.2!  Exceeded expectations.

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/29734489 – My Garmin watch data.

One thing is for sure, I left nothing out on the course today.  I couldn’t be happier with the results either.

After the race, the @hand team met up at Guero’s to carry on the @hand tradition of tequila shots to celebrate.  After a light dinner last night, a light breakfast, and burning >1,000 calories the food never tasted so good.

I keep telling people that I’ve never enjoyed working with a group of individuals as much as I do right now.  It’s days like today that explain why. Good times!

Post Race Tradition