2010 Weight Loss Progress Report III

It’s that time of the month again.  It’s time to analyze the past 5 weeks of data to see if I’m still on track to achieve my goals for 2010.  The month started off kind of slow due to taking an entire week off because I was sick.  I know, I’m a slacker!  The last week of the month I was on a business trip which has threatened to derail my progress in the past.

Scale Weight

A month ago I wrote that I weighed 194.6 but that I felt I was really about 196 if fully hydrated that day.  This morning I weighed in at 191 which would be right at 5 lbs over the past 5 weeks.  Just slightly behind target but given the week off I think I’ll take it.

As before, the first chart is for this month and the second covers all of 2010 (click to enlarge):

HackDiet - Mar HackDiet Jan - Mar

In the chart for March I’ve circled the week I was sick.  Clearly this knocked me off pace for what would have been a perfect month.  The 10 days I spent in the UK I didn’t have access to a scale so I just averaged in the results to smooth the graph.

I ran a 564 calorie daily deficit in March.  This is slightly better than previous months and likely due to additional training volume.

Body Fat

According to my measurements I did loose more fat this month but the results were not as dramatic.  Last month I estimated that I lost 2% body fat to put me at 17% which would have meant that 100% of my weight loss was fat.  This probably isn’t realistic based on what I’ve read.

My best estimate is that I was closer to 17.5 or 18% last month and now closer to 16.5 or 17% this month.  That would mean about half of the weight I’ve been losing was fat and this is more inline with what I’ve read is possible.

The trend is still pointing down and that’s all that matters.  I did loose 1 more inch around my waist and looking in the mirror it is undeniable.


Despite spending 1 week overseas and another week sick I am still barely clinging to success.  My first race this season, the Capitol 10K, is exactly 10 days from now.  I want to lose 2 lbs by then and be a perfect 189.0 but that’s going to take some discipline to get done.  I’m cutting out all treats for the next 10 days to make a go of it.  189.9 would still technically count as success but it does feel a little like cheating to accept that.

After 3 months of this I can safely say that it hasn’t been all that hard to do.  My entire lifestyle has changed and I can’t imaging going back to being sedentary anymore.  I miss working out on days that I can’t and I get really excited on the days that I have a planned long run or bike ride.