The night before the MS150

The @hand Endurance Racing team left Austin today as we all piled into a 15 passenger van we rented just for the occasion.  We were bound for Houston which is the starting location of the BP MS 150.

@hand will be fielding a 7 person team with 1 driver.  A few more people will join us midway to hang out in La Grange Saturday night for what could be a very mild evening by our standards.  I sure don’t want to commit to anything more at this point.

On day 1, we could be facing a stiff 15 mph headwind for most of the 95 miles of Texas county roads in route to La Grange.  I haven’t been riding for very long but one thing I do know is that wind will make or break a rider.  If we survive Saturday we should be in pretty good shape.

The current weather forecast for day 2 is a 10-15 mph tailwind and only about 80 miles.  However, we apparently get into some hills that day too.  All together we are staring down a 175 mile weekend of riding from Houston to Austin.  My longest training ride has only gone 60 miles so I’m a bit anxious to say the least.

Tonight at dinner with all the guys we had a couple of beers and found a nice Italian food place to carb up.  We were all feeling pretty strong but come tomorrow I don’t think anyone is kidding themselves about what’s in store.

This will be a test of mental will like never before.  Right now the whole team is riding high on camaraderie and laughter.  I just hope the race day adrenaline is enough to keep us from falling apart tomorrow as the miles and hours pile up.

I’ll have my phone with me and attempt to check in during a few rest stops tomorrow.  Right now I’ve got to get to bed early so the 5am alarm isn’t so bad.