Alabama 37 – Texas 21

First off, I want to congratulate the Alabama players, organization, and fans on a great accomplishment and victory.  You played like Champions and are deserving of the college football national title.

Second, I went 2 out of 4 in my predictions for last nights game:

1.  While Alabama did play a great game I didn’t walk away thinking they were unbeatable. 

2.  I was wrong because Mark Ingram did actually live up to his Heisman voters expectations by putting on a rugged performance going 116yrs in 22 carries and 2 TD’s… despite cramping issues.  Congratulations.

3.  I was right that the Alabama QB didn’t look all that great throwing only 6 for 11 and doing just enough to get his team a victory.  The Florida performance was indeed an anomaly.

4.  I was technically wrong in that UT did not win last night.  However, my prediction did heavily rely on Colt engineering a final winning drive.  So I throw this one out the window when McCoy goes down.


I think Texas players and fans should keep their heads held high today.  Last night the organization won the respect of the entire nation in the way they played and never gave up.  A lesser group might have mentally checked out of that game at half time.

The very reason I love watching college football was embodied in that performance last night.  With 3 minutes left in the game we were down by 3 with the ball in our hands.  Garret Gilbert and our defense brought us back from edge, down 21-6 against Alabama, and had us in a position to win that game despite the odds.  They never quit.  They showed their Gangster and I think won the respect of everyone who watched.

I walk away feeling inspired by that never say quit attitude.  That’s character.  That’s what I get out of this sport and why I’ll be back next year to watch UT play.

Colt McCoy

I say goodbye to you my friend.  I admire his Faith by not questioning God’s plan and in general the way he carries himself no matter what.  There is nothing that can be said to change history we can only move forward.  I’m sure Colt will go on to accomplish many more amazing things.

I’ll always think of Colt as the most winning college football quarterback ever (he is).  I’ll always remember all the fourth quarter drives.  I’ll always put him at the top of my list of all time greats for how he played the game and for what a sportsman he is off the field.  Good luck to him!