Random Wednesday Thoughts

My first race of the season is coming up this Sunday and it’s all I can think about in my spare time.  After finishing the book Born To Run I have been rethinking what my goals mean to me.  I’m still thinking through all of this but I’m trying to find the time and inspiration to write about the subject soon.

This morning I did the longest Zone 2 Spin bike workout yet at 75 mins and then proceeded to get off the bike and jump on a treadmill to bang out a 7 min pace to see what it’s like to run hard after cycling for an hour.  At about 45 minutes into the planned workout I hit a second wind and adopted a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” attitude despite the need to start tapering for race day.  The attitude was no doubt inspired by the wild characters in Born To Run and their fearless race performances.  One thing is for certain, my energy is building and I’ve never felt better.

Today was also the first day that I attempted to read my Kindle while working out.  I’ve become comfortably smooth on the bike after the past few months of riding in an aero position.  I knocked out another chapter of the Lance Armstrong book It’s Not About the Bike.  A fitting book in the sense that it’s about the best cyclist in the world and what he went through dealing with Cancer.  I had no idea how close to death he was and for him to come back from his death bed to win the Tour De France 7 times makes any problems in my life seem trivial.  Truly inspirational story about overcoming long odds.  I’m already half way through that book because I can’t put it down.

So why am I running this race on Sunday?  I have many reasons but I’m still trying to articulate them for myself.  If I don’t write about how I’m feeling right now I might let this high slip away though. 

One of my biggest tests is rapidly approaching.  Will this be another year of 3 months of training and done?  Or is this the year that I make a permanent change in my lifestyle to be healthier and continually live inspired?  I need my friends to hold me to this and keep me honest.