Argentina Day 1 – Playing with Technology

It’s raining.  It’s our first night and I don’t think there will be rain in the forecast past tomorrow though.  In the meantime, this gave me the perfect opportunity to play.  I went out on the balcony with my Garmin GPS watch (for runners).  After getting a satelite fix I started and stopped the watch so that I could "capture" the GPS coordinates.

Once I downloaded my "run" into my computer I was able to export the run to a text file and extract the exact lat/long of our location.    Google Earth or Google Maps will accept raw GPS coordinates and bring up the precise location on a map for you.  If you have time I suggest downloading Google Earth and looking around the area.  Other people have posted their pictures to Google Earth and a couple of them look like they were taken on the balcony right next to ours!

View Larger Map

I also took a picture off the balcony of the apartment looking at the street corner below.  You can see that picture placed on a Flickr map as well.

BA Balcony