The 2010 Race Schedule

The annual training plan is an essential part of achieving endurance racing goals.  Without a plan committed to paper it would be difficult to achieve anything more than short term goals.  Creating a training plan starts with selecting races and setting dates to train around.

I have selected a few races this year that I think meet exceed my goals and, as of last night, I’ve committed real money to the first two races.  There is nothing more motivating than spending hard cash and having that date set in stone.  Now I’m committed.

Here are the races I’ve selected so far and my rational for each:

  1. Statesman Capitol 10K – April 11th, 2010. Registered.  I ran this with the coworkers last year and really enjoyed it.  Training for a 10K this spring is good preparation for the Tri’s to come later.
  2. 2010 Capital of Texas Triathlon – May 31st, 2010.  Registered. The date gave me enough time to train and it’s downtown Austin which is familiar tuff.  This will be my rookie sprint Tri!
  3. Texas State Championship Adventure Race Series – July 17th, 2010. Scheduled at Muleshoe Bend Park, Spicewood, TX.  I plan to enter this with my coworker Ben who is committed to this year with me.  We both liked the idea of an “adventure race” (AR) and thought it would be a fun compliment to our tri training.  AR’s are run in teams which adds a social aspect to endurance sport.
  4. Jack’s Generic Triathlon – August 1st, 2010. Scheduled.  I’m a little concerned with the timing of this race due to Texas heat and it’s only 2 weeks after the AR.  However, the goal is to do two Tri’s this year and there aren’t very many (any?) Sprint distance tri’s in the fall as most athletes are peaking for the longer distance events in the fall.
  5. Rock’n’Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – September 19th, 2010. Scheduled.  This is what I am calling a “destination race”.  It’s something that I hope to make an annual reward for sticking to my training.  The RnR races are supposedly a lot of fun, I’ve never been to Phili and wanted to go, and meeting up with friends away from home is always fun.  This would also be my rookie half marathon but the distance shouldn’t be a problem if I stick to the plan all year.
  6. ?? – I want to do one more Sprint Tri in the fall for my A race but most of the Sprint distances fall off in favor of the Half and Full Ironman distance events in the Fall.  I would also like to run a fun 5/10K holiday event such as a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell run.  This is still TBD as I have plenty of time left to decide.

That’s it for 2010.  This plan includes my first Sprint Tri, first Half Marathon, and the first time I’ll train right through one race and into… 5 more.  My training will definitely need to stay conservative and take the long view to avoid burnout or injury.  Right now I’m very excited and have been training 5-6 days/week consistently.

The events that are only scheduled are subject to change as the year unfolds.  Flexibility is key to success.

Last, if anyone wants to help me then join in one or more events and let me know you’ll be there because it will reinforce my commitment.

Now, I’m off to go train.  I’ll leave you with this most inspirational picture!