Going for broke, the Verns 5K

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. – Samuel Johnson

It’s time to run another Vern’s 5K and this time I know how much preparation went into getting here. I’m feeling the way I felt just before smashing my 10k PR during last years Cap 10K.

We invited everyone in the company to the event again but I think I’m going to be the only person to rep the @hand Endurance Racing Team. In a way it’s fitting because sometimes you just have to face a challenge alone and as a man… or as a beast. Its better that the women and children stay home than to see this side of me.

A side note: my damn Garmin died apparently after I dropped it *maybe* 3 feet to the ground just after my last run. This makes two Garmin 305’s that I’ve destroyed in as many months. I accept the one where I left in on my car and drove off but not a 3 ft drop. My dang iPhone can withstand more punishment.

I do have a Garmin Edge for my bike that will at least give me HR and time. Apparently Pace information isn’t considered useful on a bike because it doesn’t have it. So I wont know my pace today which could be bad due to
never training without pace data. Who knows, maybe I’ll run faster without the data.

ok, its 10 after. I’m writing from my phone so expect updates.

9:00 am

Sitting in my car after the race trying to understand what happened. I went
24:20 which is not a PR (which is a 24:01 last fall on a slower course).

I was definitely over confident leading into the race which showed in my mile splits (7:19, 7:54, 8:17). Worst splits ever for me. I still have never done a negative split which means I’m still an amateur who gets too excited at the start.

The fact that you can’t fake this sport is what draws me to it. You can’t cram for it like a final exam. You have to be smart in training and in the race. You can’t let emotions get the better of you (ie too excited or too low). You absolutely have to be consistent, disciplined, and take the long view. All traits that make you successful in life.

A little self reflection is good. The monthly races keep you honest. Monday starts another training cycle which leads to another chance to test myself in a month.

Till next month!